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Unwanted insertion of edge bends after node groups are closed

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yEd Graph is a excellent software but one "bug" (if it''s a bug) is still annoying:

If you open and then close a group node several bends are inserted in the edges which leads to the nodes inside the group node.

Is it possible to suppress this unwanted behaviour or at least to undo it?
asked Oct 27, 2011 in Help by sschweizer (550 points)
retagged Apr 10, 2012 by thomas.behr

2 Answers

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Same problem here. For now, I just let yEd layout my graph again, so the unwanted bends disappear. Still quite annoying, though. Any ideas, support?
answered Apr 5, 2012 by anonymous
0 votes
answered Apr 10, 2012 by thomas.behr [yWorks] (125,630 points)
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