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Extra text labels on "class" nodes doesn't render

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I'm trying to add an extra text label to a UML Class node, but it seems they don't render. I know i can add attributes and methodt etc. in the Class nodes proberties, but I need this label beyond that.

I have clicked the invisible label that i added, and the properties for it is shows up. I can convert the label to a node through the context menu, and once it's a node it renders. If i convert it back to a label it's invisible.

I assume it's a bug.

Regards Aron
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1 Answer

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UML class node style supports additional labels as of yEd 3.20.1.

Prior to version 3.20.1:

Unfortunately, yEd's UML class node style does not support additional labels. This is not a bug, this style is simply not meant to support additional labels.

If you need an UML class visualization with additional labels, you will have to use one of yEd's "Shape Nodes".

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extra labels on class nodes
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