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What is the best way to migrate a Visio doc to use in yED?

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I have a big dependency tree diagram that I want to use yED rendering to visually explore weakpoints and constraints. How can I convert from any Visio extract format to and yED import format?
asked Sep 12, 2012 in Help by anonymous

1 Answer

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Between Visio 2010 and yEd 3.9.2 I don't see any compatable file types, either from Visio to yEd or from yEd to Visio in which you retain your graph information.

Visio won't even let you save in Excel or CSV format (which you CAN import into yEd).

In either program you can save as a graphic and import the exported graphic into the opposite program, but that doesn't really help you so much.

answered Sep 20, 2012 by Jarod997 (400 points)
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