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Groups: Handling changed?

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In former versions of yEd I grouped objects together by STRG+ALT+G. The result was a new object that can be moved around, resized and copied. Perfect!

If I use the group command now (Version 3.18.2) I get a box that I don't want(I managed to make it invisible) but I cannot resize and copy&paste the "group". I can resize the box but not the its content and copy&paste also applies only to the box.

How can I get the feature of th "old" STRG+ALT+G?

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1 Answer

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I do not think the "Group" command has been changed lately. Maybe you simply changed the default group node style? (The "Group" command uses the current default group node style for new group nodes.) You can change the default (group) node style by double-clicking a node style in the palette. The default styles are those style with a dark blue background.
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I have 10 group nodes, labeled 1..5 with a +/- for each of them. I tried all of them. Each draws a box(with the corresponding colour) around my nodes but with the same disadvantages I reported above: No resize, no copy&paste.

On which operating system are you using yEd?

Do you still know which former version you were using that did not exhibit this problem? (By the way, yEd 3.18.2 works as intended for me.)

Can you upload a GraphML file with one or more of the problematic groups?
Please see How to upload files to yEd Q&A? for instructions on uploading files here.

Have you tried if the most current version ( at the time of this writing) behaves the same?


Regarding your "I have 10 group nodes, labeled 1..5 with a +/- for each of them." statement, only the nodes with a "-" symbol are group nodes. The others are folder nodes (i.e. closed group nodes).
Could it be that you actually want folder nodes instead of group nodes? In this case, simply close the groups you create with CTRL+ALT+G by clicking the "-" symbol.

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