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copying & pasting graph to "new" and renaming: modifying changes margins

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When I copy and paste from original graph to 'new' and rename so that I can make modifications without destroying original, I have start to have margin issues.  The graph's margins when printed are all off.  Where the original graph's is apparently a

point-10, the copied printout is around a point-8 or less.  The graph's alterations were not sufficient to chage margins. What needs to be done to correct this.  I've never experienced this problem in the past.
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What margins? yEd does not offer any settings to specify margins for printing. Do you mean your native printer settings (i.e. the settings that are available after clicking "Ok" in the dialog shown below)? If so, these are settings for your specific printer and are handled by your printer.

yEd Print Options

yEd Print Options

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