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Create and share opensource tool to generate yEd graphml diagrams

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I wrote a Python tool for my personal use to generate yED diagrams out of various sources, it is very similar to pyyed, but with added functionaity.

I thought this tool worth sharing and have had plans to open source it, however, found this statement in yEd licence:

"The Software may not be used as part of an automated process."

Would that tool fall in above prohibited category if it can:

- create graphs out of python dicitonaries structured in certain way or out of graph json

- has simple API similar to pyyed when you can add nodes and links while using this tool as a Python module

- add lables to nodes and links

- able to use custom SVG shapes for nodes

- define any attributes for node/links elemnts that yed graphml supports

- compare two graphml files and highlight differences on third graph

- update existing graphml diagram with new nodes/links

other features might be added as it goes, but all in all the intention is to simplify diagramms producing for various Computer Network topologies out of dictionries in structure similar to below:

{ nodes: [node1_attr, node2_attrs], links: [link1 _attrs, link2_attrs] }


Would it be feasible from your perspective to have such a tool that makes heavy use of yEd graphml capabilties in opensource?

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Please share it if there is a github link?  Thank you
https://github.com/dmulyalin/N2G only repo for now, have not had time to add docs, sorry.

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The term "the Software" in the line

The Software may not be used as part of an automated process.

means yEd, see the second sentence of the agreement

yWorks licenses the yEd Software ("the Software") only ...

This means that you are not allowed to use yEd in an automated process. E.g. it is not ok to write a Python tool that starts yEd and uses yEd's features.

However, said line does not prevent anyone from creating their own software for generating GraphML files (even if the GraphML files can be opened in yEd).

From your description, I would assume that your Python tool does not use yEd in any way for GraphML generation (i.e. your tool can be used on machines where yEd is not available). As such, your tool is not affected by the above license term - no matter what GraphML features your tool provides.

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Thank you for clarifications, yes, this tool not relies on yEd app and can work on the system with no yEd installed.
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