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Show/select only graph elements by user-defined attribute values

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I propose a feature to show or select only graph elements (group nodes/nodes/ edges) with a specific user-definied attribute value. E.g. show or select graph with all elements with user-defined attribute "function"="function 1"
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Selecting nodes by attrbute values is already possible:

The Structure View in the lower left of yEd has a combobox that initially displays the value "Text". Change this to the name of the desired attribute. The values displayed in the Structure View will now change to display the value of said attribute. Use the Search field to navigate to the desired value. Select the first and all subsequent entries of the same value.
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Thank you for your answer but this does not really solve the problem.
It's true that by the search field I can find all nodes with a user-defined attribute e.g. "funktion 1"="true" but the graph diagram (in the main window/pane) does not change.
I'd like to see in the graph diagram only the elements with the said user-defined attribute e.g. "function 1"="true".

Update: At the moment I use a work-around like that:
1. (Edit:) Define a property mapper with use-defined property e.g. "function 1"-> Fill color "red"
2. (Tools:) Select elements with nodes criteria "Fill color" = "red"
3. Copy & paste the selected graph in a new graph
If you select an element in the structure view, the corresponding node is selected in the editor window, too. Therefore you can skip steps 1 and 2 from your workaround by using the structure view.
I don't think so or I didn't understand you correctly ;-)
In the structure view I can only select ONE element but I want to copy ALL elements with a specific attribute...
You can select multiple elements in the structure view by pressing SHIFT or CONTROL key while clicking, similar to, for example, Windows Explorer.
Ok, but this doesn't really help because you have to select all nodes MANUALLY.
And besides I need a feature which select all nodes with a specific user-defined attribute WITHOUT changing the appearance of the nodes (concerning color, description etc.) and this is unfortunately exactly what the search function does...
This would inded be a useful feature, I'm using the pallette window to select all elements of a certain formatting through the Current Elements section. Selecting by data value would be beautiful, even more beautiful if it was incorporated into the select elements dialog box
> ... because you have to select all nodes MANUALLY.
No, you do not. Select the first element manually, then press and hold SHIFT then select the last of the (consecutively) listed elements of the same value. Two clicks to select an arbitrary number of nodes.

> ... which select all nodes with a specific user-defined attribute WITHOUT changing the appearance of the nodes ...
Selecting nodes in the structure view is exactly the same as selecting node by mouse click or "Tools" -> "Select Elements". Of course, selected nodes are highlighted in the editor, but none of their properties are changed by selecting.
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