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How to identify the type of object in a diagram

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I was wondering it it is easy to draw a sequence diagram with Yed
Unfortunately it seems NOT
Despite the fact I'm a big fan of Yed to dras flow diagram or entity relationship it seems that Sequence diagram is no to be done with Yed

I had a look on this 
Support for Sequence diagrams in yEd

But using the example I've realized  there is no easy way to identify the type of objet used in an existing Diagram 
Is there any? 

Thanks for any help

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Can you explain in more detail what you mean by "identify the type of object used in an existing diagram"?

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Hello thanks for your answer

When you create a new diagrm you have the choice to select different node shapes from a palette of different types.

But it is not trivial to know all of them, so when you need to reuse an existing diagram as an example you can't easyly identify from wich family and wiche specific type are the node you can see. So having some properties providing the Name and family of a node can be very helpfull

Well, the easiest way to use nodes from an existing example is copying the nodes you want to use. (I.e. open the example diagram in yEd, copy a node, create a second editor tab, paste the copied node. Repeat for all nodes you need.)

In the sample sequence diagram from Support for Sequence diagrams in yEd, the following nodes are used:

Thank you Thomas
Indeed it is of course easy to re-use an existing node with Copy-Paste
But it doen't tell you what kind of "Animal" it is if you want to use it from scratch :-)
Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation
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