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Save layout algorithm settings for a latter reuse

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I filed this question as "feature request" since I'm pretty sure this functionality doesn't exist yet (I've been looking for it for years :) ).

Layout algorithms are very powerful and many of them come with lots of options. Sometimes, getting the wanted results requires to spend quite a lot of time fine-tuning the layout algorithm options.

However, when working on a different diagram, if I use the same layout algorithm but with other options because I want a different render, the options used for the previous diagram are lost.

Would it be possible to save custom presets layout algorithm options in some way ?

They might be saved within the diagram file so that next time we call the layout algorithm window, the options are set on its last use in this file.

And/or we could save the current settings in such a way that I can call them back later, even in a different diagram file.
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This would be a useful step, but why not just store the settings in the file so that each time you open it, the correct algorithms are already set up?
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