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How do I change the default setting for labels?

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I would like to change the default setting of the label location to free instead of smart free.  Is there a menu to do this?
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No, there is no menu to do this.
To use the "free" label model by default, you would need to create nodes/edges in the editor, change their label models from "smart free" to "free", then create a user-defined palette sections and add the previously created elements to the new palette section (right-click on an element to open its context menu and choose "Add to Palette). As a last step, double-click one of the new templates in the new palette section to make it the default for node/edge creation.

That said, I am wondering why you would want to use "free" instead of "smart free"? "Smart free" can be positioned anywhere same as "free" and behaves much better when moving labels around or changing the owner node/edge.

Snapping of "smart free" labels can be suppressed by pressing and holding CTRL while moving "smart free" labels. Without snapping, you have full control over "smart free" label placement.
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I noticed that the smart free label placement "snapped" to choice locations.  This gets tricky in tight places with multiple edges or multiple nodes.  For instance the label for an edge maintains a certain distance away from the edge or over the edge, no inbetween.  It might be nice to have a menu screen that asks if you would like to make this your default setting in creating new edges/nodes.
Press and hold CTRL while moving smart free labels to prevent snapping.
Smartfree feature is a crap. It's a shame that it cannot be easily disabled by default.

"If it ain't broken, don't fix it"
Care to explain why you think smart free is "crap"? Maybe we can improve the situation or point out a better way to place labels.
Holding down CTRL (or any other key) doesn't suppress snapping of smartfree labels on mac (latest OS X using yEd 3.14.4). Am I missing something?
On mac you need to be clicking on the label before pressing CTRL to suppress smart labels
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