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The arrow keeps following my mouse cursor

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How do I make it so that the arrow in this program stops instead of it following my mouse cursor? Everytime I move my mouse around, the arrow follows it.
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The arrow follows you because you are creating an edge (i.e. a connection between two nodes). Either right-click to cancel the edge creation (if you left-clicked multiple times during edge creation to create bends, then you need multiple right-clicks) or left-click on a node to finish edge creation.

See Creating an Edge in the yEd Manual.

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You can even press "ESC" on your Keyboard to abort this thing + you may switch to "navigation mode" if you just want to klick through your graph.

Its the 4-arrow Button in Blue  :)
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I was having a similar problem with a flowchart. I was bring a line down from an upper node and wanted it to terminate into an existing vertical line that came out of the bottom of a decision diamond.

It "appears" that I accomplished that. I drug a ball shape onto the graph made it fairly small and centered it on the vertical line. Then I connected my line from above to the ball. Lastly I shrunk the ball smaller than the line width.

It's so small now that I have to drag a selection rectangle over it to snare it if I want to adjust its placement. I suppose there are better ways but this is my first go at it.


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