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GraphMLViewer license - only localhost?

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We are trying out yEd (it's awesome!) and we installed GraphMLViewer on the local webserver to see how easy it is for casual users to browse the diagrams.

However, a popup says "License validation. Your license is not valid for the domain xyz.intra. Allowed domain(s): localhost".

Is that the correct behavior? What are the options for enabling teh viewer?

Not sure if it matters: we operate an isolated intranet, and we had to hack the javascript code so that the GraphMLViewer SWF file is pulled from the server itself and not from yworks.com.

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Yes, the license validation that is preventing you from hosting GraphMLViewer on your local webserver is the correct behavior.

To host GraphMLViewer yourself you will have to acquire a license for GraphMLViewer. Please contact our sales department (mail to sales at yworks dot com) to discuss liencensing options.
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