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Ability to connect edges from parent node to child.

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First off; thanks for the awesome software. I find new ways to utilize it in my workflow all the time.

I have started using it for diagramming statecharts and have run across an issue wherein I cannot draw an edge from a node's parent to that node to be able to construct a diagram like the one in the bottom-right of this image.


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It is already possible to connect edges from a group node to one of its child nodes (or vice versa). However, yEd does not display edges that lie completely inside their connected nodes. There are two workarounds for this problem:

  1. Route the edge in such a way that its path is outside of both its source node and its target node.
    For new edges, drag the edge outside the group and click on empty space to create a bend outside the group.
    For exisiting edges, run a layout algorithm such as "Layout" -> "Hierarchical". Hierarchical will always create visible edge routes.
  2. Create a dummy child node in/for your group node and instead of connecting the group node to its child nodes, connect the dummy child to the other child nodes.
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