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Issue with menu graphics tracing

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I applogize if this has already been answered but i cannot find a thread for it.
I am experiencing graphics glitching or "tracing" across the screen after a few minutes of use. This only occurs after I've been using the software for around 5-10 min.


AMD Radeon r7 265

1920x1080 120hz

windows 10 build 18362


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1 Answer

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Well, we have received similar error reports in the past. This is usually a problem of Java not working well for certain graphics drivers. Possible fixes include:

  • Using a different Java version.
    If yEd is running with Java 8, try Java 11 or the most recent Java 12.
    If yEd is running with Java 11, try Java 8 or the most recent Java 12.
  • Updating your graphics driver.
by [yWorks] (133k points)
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