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Are you planning to add importing excel files to yEd live?

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I like to import excel files to yEd desktop but if yEd live would support it, it would make my workflow a lot easier. I tend to switch laptops quite often and so I need to install yEd on every device I use and that isn't always an option. Will this feature eventually find its way to yEd live?

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2 Answers

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Actually, you are not allowed to install yEd on multiple machines at the same time, see yEd Software License Agreement section 1. LICENSE CONDITIONS:

The Licensee is granted a [...] right to install one copy of the Software [...].

by [yWorks] (160k points)
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There are currently no plans to add Excel import to yEd Live. However, there are discussions about adding some kind of CSV import in the future but there is no final decision yet.
by [yWorks] (1.3k points)
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