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"Hiding" Edges

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I understand that there is no hide feature for edges, but I want to use the properties mapper to make them 'disappear' to de-clutter my diagram if they have a certain property. I have read that you can set the edge colour to "no colour" but I can't get this to happen. I've tried setting no colour, and setting RGB Alpha to zero but for both of these it just resets back to the previous colour.

Please can you advise on what I can do to help with this?
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1 Answer

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While setting edge line color to "No Color" indeed does not work (this is a bug that will be fixed in the next version of yEd), setting a color with alpha value set to 0 does result in an invisible edge. The latter works for me when setting the line color for a given edge explicitly and when setting the line color through yEd's properties mapper.
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