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Change keyboard type

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Hello, I'm french so I have an azerty keyboard. By I d'ont know which shortcut I've done but, in yed Graph Editor, my key board is considered as a qwerty keyboard (when I type an "a" it writes a "q" for example). I didn't have this problem before that's why I suggest I have, by mistake, made a shortcut to change that setting. This problem occurs only in the software (this is not a computer settings issue) because to write this message for example my keyboard works properly. So,what I try to find is what I have to do to come back on the previous setting.

Can you help me please ?
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1 Answer

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yEd does not have any custom keyboard settings but essentially just adopts your operating system settings. So, if your keyboard layout is incorrect in yEd, you changed some setting in your operating system.

by [yWorks] (161k points)
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