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How can i modify a line to be above imported image?

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I need callouts for technical drawings. Idea is: Drag&Drop picture into yed, then use Label (e.g "1") and line(to part or technical component to illustate whre the component is.However, lines vanish under the object, despite settings it to the back several times :-(.

Any solution? yEd seems ideal for this, but it shoudl be like this.

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Can you upload a mock-up that illustrates what you are trying to achieve? (Please see How to upload files to yEd Q&A? for information on uploading files here.)  Currently, it is not clear to me where that line you mentioned should be.

Yes, done that. I think its clearer now :-).

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Thank you for the additional information.

What you are calling a line is an "edge" in yEd terminology. Edges are clipped on the outlines of the nodes they connect. yEd's clipping algorithm ignores transparent pixel/area if the node's "Clip on Outline" property is enabled. If "Clip on Outline" is enabled but the edge is still clipped "too much", then your graphic probably has a white background instead of a transparent one. In this case, you will have to edit your graphic in an appropriate editor application to change its background to transparent.

This GraphML file illustrates edge clipping behavior and "Clip on Outline" effects.

There is currently no way for an edge to "cross into" its source or target node.

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So this is similar to the issue I have faced for a while in yEd. I create network diagrams with images of the equipment used. When you connect the ports the line only shows to the edge of the image.

I just found a way to get around this with a little trial and error. For this, I used paint.net, in the image use the magic wand to select a section or create a square inside the image then press Delete on your keyboard. This will make the selection area transparent. Save the image as a PNG as JPEG doesn't support transparent sections.

In yEd now drag and drop your new image. Join this with a line to another item, click the line to show the end of the line in the centre of the image. Move this into the transparent section and drop. You will now have a line shown over the image to the new transaction section.
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