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why are my fonts really small

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The fonts in diagram labels are really tiny. When I add a label the default font looks like about 1 point. It says 12 point in the properties but I have to change it to 30 point just to make it readable. It is a pain to do this every time I add a label.

I don't think it used to do this. I am on windows 10 and recently upgraded yed.
asked Aug 1 in Help by simonm3 (130 points)

May I ask ...

  • ... which version of yEd are you using?
  • ... what display resolution are you working with?
  • ... what is your Windows display scale factor?
  • ... what is your Windows text display scale factor?
125% scaling. I only have one setting for this I see on display settings?
I forgot one important question:
What version of Java is yEd running on (see "Help" -> "About")?
11.0.2 BTW it is much smaller than just ignoring the 125% scaling
When I run yEd 3.19 with Java 11.0.2 on Windows 10 with a display resolution of 1920x1080 and display scale factor of 125%, label text in nodes and edges is actually scaled up as well.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to determine the cause for this problem without access to your system. What you can try to do, though, is resetting yEd to its factory defaults. To do that, quit yEd, delete yEd's profile directory, then start yEd again (see "Help" -> "About" for the profile directory location).
A word of warning: Deleting the profile directory will also delete user-defined palette sections and properties mapper configurations. If you have any of those, you can move the profile directory to another location instead of deleting it to be able to restore your previous settings in case deleting the profile directory does not help.

1 Answer

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Have the same problem.
Using yed 3.19.

I have a 4k display. Have 200% scale setting and looks like yed is the only app that doesn't respect this.
There is no font scale settings in the app and it basically renders it useless as I can't see the labels on the diagrams and barely able to see the the app menu.
answered Aug 12 by anonymous
What operating system are you running yEd on?
What version of Java are you running yEd on (see "Help" -> "About")?
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