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Properties mapper not refreshing when adding nodes/edges

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Hey all. Using the properties mapper to label edges based off some properties. However, though it works when I go to peoperties mapper, change something, press apply (then the labels appear), if I actually add a new edge and change the property in the property sheet, it doens't get labeled automatically.

In other words, they work fine for pre-existing nodes and edges, but when I add new ones, it doesn't seem the property manager is applying the changes to the new additions automatically unless I manually open property manager and "apply" again.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this the intended way this works?
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1 Answer

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You are not doing anything wrong. Properties mapper is not supposed to update your graph automatically. If you add elements or change property values and you want those changes to be applied, you need to explicitly run properties mapper again.
by [yWorks] (161k points)
I consider this a flaw.  It raises the question on what benefit it has as a feature really.

Well, properties mapper helps with tasks like this one.
E.g. for a family tree with hundreds of individuals, I would rather not have to manually copy the place of birth from the corresponding property into the corresponding node label for each and every node. Actually, I would not even want to have to do this manually for 10 nodes.

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