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Parsing through yEd generated graphML files using Python library:pygraphML

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I am currently using the python library: pygraphml to parse through graphml files generated from yEd.

I ideally would like to extract/return the information from my graph (node labels/decriptions, attributes) using the library in order to convert to a file. I made a script utilizing the Graph class from pygraphml to print out the node,edges, and attriutes of the graph I created on yEd.

 The following is the output generated:

<pygraphml.graph.Graph object at 0x7f210b2056a0>

[<pygraphml.node.Node object at 0x7f210b34060>, <pygraphml.node.Node object at 0x7f210e98a5f8>, ...... <pygraphml.node.Node object at 0x7f210b22f198>]

[<pygraphml.edge.Edge object at x7f210b22f278>, <pygraphml.edge.Edge object at 0x7f10b22f358>, ..... <pygraphml.edge.Edge object at 0x7f210b22f518>]

[<pygraphml.attribute.Attribute object at 0x7f210b339c18>, <pygraphml.attribute.Attribute object at 07f210e98a8d0>, .... <pygrahml.attribute.Attribute object at 0x7f210b22f3c8>]


Does anyone know what this output mean? Or have used the pygraphml library to interpret the above output? It seems like what is printed are the positions/locations of the nodes represented in hexadecimal in the yEd graph but I would like more informaton than what's generated.
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These are some of the Python Objects (a Graph, a Node, an Edge and one of its attributes) which were generated by pygraphml when it parsed your file. You will need to read the documentation for those objects and write more Python Code to display the information that you want.
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