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When will yEd fix the latest font size problems introduced by the latest Windows 10 update?

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Since Windows 10 latest update a few days ago, the font sizes in yED are broken on monitors with dynamic DPI scaling enabled. This worked before with yEd.

yEd had problem before, e.g. if docking stations had been switched in Windows standby mode, where monitors had different resolutions and scaling, but this could be fixed by restarting yEd.

Since the latest Windows update, font sizes (and icon spacings) are always broken.

Image 1: oversized and bold font in start screen
Image 2: oversized fonts in the property window along with pixeled checkboxes
Image 3: compare windows title bar with menĂ¼ text, speed buttons (spacing) and docked window titles

I have tested on other monitors with different scaling. In some situations, texts in the property windows are overlapping.


Screen shots:



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1 Answer

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What version of yEd are you using (see "Help" -> "About")?
What version of Java are you using (see "Help" -> "About")?

What is your Windows display scale factor (see Windows' "Display" settings option "Make everything bigger")?
What is your Windows text scale factor (see Windows' "Display" settings option "Make text bigger")?


yEd is not a native Windows application, but a cross-platform Java application. (Moreover, yEd uses a fairly old UI toolkit.) Unfortunately, Java does not support all display scale settings equally well and consequently, neither does yEd. yEd/Java applications work well with integral scale factors (i.e. 100%, 200% 300%, ...) and no additional text scaling. Half-point scale factors like 150%, 250%, ... are usually especially bad and result in font sizes like the one depicted in your second screenshot.

In short, use integral scale factors for best results.


However, I am not aware of any changes in this regard due to the latest Windows 10 update. Could it be that you simply changed your display scale factor after your last Windows update?
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