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Import Excel into Yed Graph Editor

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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your reply & it was very helpful.I was able to import the excel files using Open option.In the excel I added three columns Source ,target & type.In type ,I used to update type of process map .After clicking on OK button,It does display flowchart :)

But there are two challenges

1.In properties mapper I am only able to get two steps which can get converted to decision box,However I have more than 4 steps which need to be converted to decision map..Require your help in converting all the required steps in decision box

2.How do i import steps mentioned in the excel into  swim lane of Yed graph editor
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1 Answer

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Re. 1.:

Unfortunately, I do not really understand the problem. Can you post screenshots of your properties mapper configuration or upload your properties mapper configuration and your GraphML file here? (Please see How to upload files to yEd Q&A? for instructions on uploading files here.)


Re. 2.:

Unfortunately it is not possible to import nodes from a spreadsheet into swimlanes of a table node. It is also not possible to use propertiers mapper for this task. You will have to do this manually,

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