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Is there a way to add a tooltip to nodes in a custom palette?

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I try to add specific tooltips to the customized symbols in my palettes (like the tooltips of the standard symbols).

We will use yEd to define CMDB-Layouts for our Configuration Management Database, so each symbol represent a specific CI-Type/-Subtype-Tupel of our given CMDB. So, this customized palettes contains more than 120 symbols (SVG). With this huge range, it's very hard to pick up the correct icon from the palette.

A customizable tooltip, which displays the related CI-Type / -Subtype on mouseover (by example) will be very helpful .

Is there any way to do this? (we use our own svg library, so it's also possible to modify the basic SVG's himself).

Thanks in advice.
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1 Answer

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Right-click an element in your custom palette section to open the context menu. Choose "Convert to Document". In the new document, select one element. The "Data" section of the properties table in yEd's lower right corner should have a "Palette ToolTip" entry. Enter the desired tool tip text there. When you are done entering tool tip texts, once again right-click an element in your custom palette section to open the context menu. This time choose "Adopt from Document". After that, hovering the mouse over an element in your custom palette section should display the text you have entered for that element.
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