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Add the Nassi Shneiderman Diagramm

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First, i want to thank you. I LOVE your Tools!!! I use it for every diagramm or graphic.

So, now I have a Feature Request:

It would be great if you could add the "Palete" to create Nassi Shneidermann Diagramm. For Further Information, here some Examples:


Its relativly easy (compared to what yed graph editor is now possible to do) but the elements to create it are missing.

What is your opinion of the request?


Daniel Mislovic
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1 Answer

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yEd's main focus is the drawing of graph-like diagrams consisting of entities interconnected with lines. I don't see how the examples shown in the Wikipedia article fit into that schema. Since there are so many feature requests that are closer its main purpose, I think that this requests gets a rather low priority.
by [yWorks] (26.8k points)
Hello Michael
thank you really much for your fast response.
No problem, i just thought i should meantioned it.
Have a nice day.


Still a big Fan

Hello Daniel,

Nassi-Schneiderman is for software developing a big advantage, because is forces you're design and thinking how computers work: 0/1 or true/false. It gives you a much better overview than a flowchart.

With regards

Hello, actually I had the same idea. I wanted to create Nassi Schneidermann and since yEd is such a cool tool, my first thought was to check if it is possible here. I do understand the comment but isn't Nassi Schneidermann another layout for a decision tree - which would be a special type of graph?! Would be a fantastic feature: build a tree with yEd and then create Nassi Schneidermann out of it ...
Kind regards, Andreas
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