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How can align all the nodes to the right in Hierarchical Layout

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When using hierarchical layout, how can I align all the nodes to the right as much as possible,

l am trying to create a project network and want to layout every task as late as possible with the connection between the nodes as the only consideration. My node sizes are appropriate to the size of the task. The Heirarchial layout works very well, but it leaves space between nodes.

Another way could be to specify a standard horizontal length for the edges where possible.

Appreciate your response.

Thank you,

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1 Answer

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I take it your layout direction is left to right. To have nodes laid out as much to the right as possible choose Layer Assignment Policy "Hierarchical - Tight Tree Heuristic" and Alignment Within Layer "Bottom Border of Nodes" (both options are in section "Layers").

However, the hierarchical layout style will never violate its layers paradigma, i.e. it is not possible to have large nodes span several layers of small nodes.  In other words, the hierarchical layout style cannot create the following diagram

but will always create layers like this

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