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Auto rotation with edge does not work as expected

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If I enable the auto-rotate with edge property on an arrow it rotates the label in the wrong way (it apparently seems flipped around the y axes): file with this bug


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I cannot reproduce this problem in the current version of yEd (which is 3.19 at the time of this writing).

Can you share a GraphML file that demonstrates the incorrect rotation? Please see How to upload files to yEd Q&A? for information on how to upload files here.

Thanks, I've added the file to the question and, yes, I use 3.19

1 Answer

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In 3.20.1 the Checkbox is resetted once a layout is applied

Some layout algorithms replace label data when placing labels because not all label placement policies are suited for automatic label placement. In other words, depending on the layout algorithm and the layout settings you did use, this is the intended behavior.

That begs the question, which algorithm and what settings did you use?

P.S.: Please do not "hijack" old topics. While the original topic does relate to auto-rotation of labels, it does not relate to layout calculations in any way.

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