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PDF rendering problems under nonfree os

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We have made a relatively complex graph (193 nodes, 155 edges) and the 'pdf' export is absolutly great under gnu-linux (ubuntu 10.4). Thank's !

But the same file under windows (xp, acrobat reader 5.1) and also under mac os x (i don't remember the exact version) is useless. The result lack a lot of informations and misplaced.

I have installed 'yed' on a xp computer without better results. Lack of informations, misplaced ones, stack-up others.

Size of the export is A3, size of the graph is approximately 1942.5751953125 X 2755.5279746505553 .

You can see the graph in jpg here and have an idea of the pdf here

Nota : the pdf linked in the WnG article was made with ooo writer with the jpg.

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With recent PDF viewers on Windows like Adobe Reader 10, Sumatra 1.8 and Chrome 15, I don't see any problems in your PDF (the real one, not the one that just contains the Jpeg).

Please note that Acrobat Reader 5.1 is really outdated, I propose that you try a more recent application like the free Sumatra PDF.

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My problem whas a non one.

thank's for this quick answer. it's really encouraging for yed and the map we make !
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