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yEd slower on faster machine

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I have been using yEd on my laptop for a year to compile a Kanji Tree to help with my Japanese Studies. The tree is by now several hundred if not already 1000+ nodes big, but I did not have any trouble working with it on my laptop.

However, now that I've returned from my travels and tried working with it on my more powerful home computer, I was surprised to see that yEd runs not faster but slower on it, to the point where I really can't work with it at all since it takes several seconds for a zoom with the mouse wheel to take effect, and I sort of need those all the time.

I have already made sure I am using the same versions on both my laptop and my home PC, and with the same settings, so what could cause this?

Here's the specs for both my Laptop and my Home PC to compare:

Machine CPU RAM Graphics Novabench Results yEd runs...
Total RAM CPU Graphics Hardware
Home PC Intel Core i5-2380P CPU @ 3.1GHz x4 (QuadCore) 12,0 GB AMD Radeon R9 380 Series 1153 217 441 468 27 Slooooooooow
Laptop Intel Core i56200U   2.30GHz @ 2.3 GHz  x4 (QuadCore) 8,00 GB Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 642 172 408 45 17 Reasonably fast


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