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Properties edition gives problems

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Yed 3.19 - java 11.0.2 - Windows 10 64 bits

When I try to edit properties of objects, I must repeat changes at least 3 times before it's taked into account.
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Can you please provide a step-by-step description of what you are doing, what you expect the result to be, and what the actual result is? If I try to change e.g. the fill color of a rectangle node or its label text or its size through the properties view or the properties dialog, those changes are applied as expected.

It may also help if you upload the settings.xml file from your yEd profile directory and a sample graph to help with reproducing this problem. Please see How to upload files to yEd Q&A? for information on uploading files here.

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Open the project, then select a line for example, right-click to select properties -> new window open with properties, then click on the arrow to select a line type -> first time, list of lines open on wrong place (bottom right : sample image). on the second try, it is OK.

Same thing with colors.

When I try to change label color, tab change automatically to General and my changes are lost.  I must redo the change and hurry to apply before the tab change automatically (difficult to take print screens of that).

Not found my settings.xml file.

Here is my project file.



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Thank you very much for the additional information.

You are actually facing two problems:

  1. Drop down lists for edge properties opening at the wrong location.
  2. Property changes being unexpectedly reset.

I cannot reproduce the first issue - neither on Linux nor on Windows. May I ask on which operating system you are using yEd (I am assuming Window, but which version exactly) and which version of Java you are using (see "Help" -> "About")?

The second issue is essentially the problem described in is losing your edits in a dialog boxes a bug? (see especially the comment to the original question), is it not?
The simple solution would be not to use the properties dialog but the properties view in yEd's lower right corner.

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Thank you for your response !

Versions are mentioned in the first message :
Yed 3.19 - java 11.0.2 - Windows 10 64 bits

1. I have made supplementary tests, and problem is probably linked with multi screen usage and a windows setting : my laptop screen have a Settings-System-Display-Scale and Layout-set to 125 % and other screen no scaling.  (1920 x 1080 - Extended view)

2. It is effectively the same problem.

Best regards.
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