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How to set ShapeNode as value of Data (data.type) ?

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Hi all,

I want to create Data with value which is a ShapeNode instead of String content. How can I do it ?


<data key="d0">
        <y:NodeLabel>Node Label</y:NodeLabel>
        <y:Shape type="circle"/>
        <y:Fill color="#00FF00" transparent="false"/>
        <y:Geometry height="10" width="10" x="0" y="0"/>

Currently I tried to generate pojo classes from ygraphml.xsd schema by jaxb (jxc) then use those classes to create graphml file. Look into the class DataType, I just see it support method to set String content only.

@XmlType(name = "data.type", namespace = "http://graphml.graphdrawing.org/xmlns")
public class DataType
    extends DataExtensionType


@XmlType(name = "data-extension.type", namespace = "http://graphml.graphdrawing.org/xmlns")
public class DataExtensionType
    extends OriginalDataExtensionType



public class OriginalDataExtensionType {

    protected String content;


Therefore I cannot set ShapeNode as value of DataType.

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1 Answer

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Well, the ygraphml.xsd is probably too complex for automated POJO generation with  JAXB. (It uses inheritance - a feature that is not supported by most XML tools.) I guess you will have to resort to a more traditional approach to XML creation like Java's org.w3c.dom API.

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