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Confluence plugin importing gliffy

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I need to know if you have any option to import gliffy diagrams from confluence plugin. Currently we have lots of gliffy diagrams that I want to know if it will be usable onto your plugin.

I was using your desktop app and I'm in love with your software, keep it hard!

closed with the note: Not a yEd question.
asked Feb 1 in Help by anonymous
closed Feb 1 by thomas.behr

1 Answer

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Unfortunately, the Graphity Diagram Editor for Confluence does not yet support importing Gliffy diagrams.

That said, this forum is for yEd questions only. For questions regarding other yWorks products, please contact yWorks by mail.

answered Feb 1 by thomas.behr [yWorks] (127,150 points)
Ok! perfect, I will contact with you by email. Thanks!
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