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yEd vs Freeplane

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Hi! I'm looking to migrate from Freeplane to yEd

- Collapsing children of a node
- Search, filters
- Icons (and custom), image insertion, hyperlinks
- CSS-like properties of nodes and links. Auto format by level
- extensions, scripts, addons
- Clouds (to group nodes), custom connections (duplicate connection but with another label)
- Export/Import in common formats
- Node Details (collapsible, popup on mouse hover), Attributes, Notes
- Diagram auto layout, nodes alignment (i.e vertically by leftmost edge)
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1 Answer

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If you want to know wheter or not the listed features are available in yEd, then the answers are

  • no
  • yes, no
  • yes, yes, yes
  • no, no
  • no, no, no
  • yes, yes
  • yes, yes
  • yes, yes, yes
  • yes, yes

yEd is not a mind mapping tool, but a general-purpose editor for network-like diagrams (i.e. graphs in the mathematical sense) and thus does not offer mindmap specific features.

by [yWorks] (151k points)
Can you may be recall any *concept* mapping software similar to Freeplane?
Unfortunately, no.
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