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Adding row to swimlane graph superimposes on existing row

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I've put some work into a multi-lane graph and now need to add an additional lane. In a new blank swimlane graph (using yED swimlane template Horizontal Swimlanes) this is simple, right-click and then add row. In the graph I'm working with, when I try to add a new row it gets superimposed on top of the top lane in the diagram. The first screenshot below is before adding the new lane, the second is after, where you can see that the left-hand lane title is jumbled by the new lane on top of it.

I'm clueless and really need help with this, please. The original file is available at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Bt70h8U7LyVbZj96UZrX6zfol-DsnjaF



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2 Answers

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Somehow your table configuration got (slightly) corrupted which triggered a previously unknown error in yEd's "Add Row"/"Add Column" logic.

Please try again with this fixed version of your file.

We will, of course, correct the logic error for the next version of yEd as well.

by [yWorks] (155k points)
Excellent - and typical for me to stumble upon previously unknown bugs :) I was hoping that this would also fix the problem where changing (expanding) a column's width doesn't push items in the adjancent column correspondingly, but that problem is still there. Is this supposed to work (so that I'm probably doing someting wrong) or not? Since adding a new column into the graph does have that effect of moving surrounding objects, I'm hoping that resizing columns should also work this way.
The "changing the size of a column or row does not move nodes" behavior is the intended resize behavior for column and rows.

There is already a feature request for offering additional resize behaviors on our internal list of possible improvements for yEd. Due to the tremendous size of that list I cannot make any promises when or even if we will be able to this feature in yEd.
Ok, thanks.
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This error has been fixed as of yEd 3.19.

by [yWorks] (155k points)
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