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importing section into palette doesn't show any symbol

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Hello all.

I try import symbols into palette via Edit -> Manage Palette -> Import Section..

Files I want to import  are from https://github.com/pafnow/vrt-graphml-for-yed

after importing nothing is present into palette... Do I forger something ?


Please help, thaks in advance
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1 Answer

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Which version of yEd are you using?

With version 3.18.2, I had no problems importing VRT Clients and Peripherals.graphml and VRT Energy Management.graphml.

Maybe the files got corrupted on download from Github? You can check whether or not the files are ok using a text editor. You should see something like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<graphml xmlns="http://graphml.graphdrawing.org/xmlns" xmlns:java="http://www.yworks.com/xml/yfiles-common/1.0/java" xmlns:sys="http://www.yworks.com/xml/yfiles-common/markup/primitives/2.0" xmlns:x="http://www.yworks.com/xml/yfiles-common/markup/2.0" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:y="http://www.yworks.com/xml/graphml" xmlns:yed="http://www.yworks.com/xml/yed/3" xsi:schemaLocation="http://graphml.graphdrawing.org/xmlns http://www.yworks.com/xml/schema/graphml/1.1/ygraphml.xsd">
  <!--Created by yEd 3.17.2-->
  <key for="port" id="d0" yfiles.type="portgraphics"/>
  <key for="port" id="d1" yfiles.type="portgeometry"/>
  <key for="port" id="d2" yfiles.type="portuserdata"/>
  <key attr.name="yed.palette.node.name" attr.type="string" for="node" id="d3"/>
  <key attr.name="Palette ToolTip" attr.type="string" for="node" id="d4"/>
  <key attr.name="url" attr.type="string" for="node" id="d5"/>
  <key attr.name="description" attr.type="string" for="node" id="d6"/>
  <key for="node" id="d7" yfiles.type="nodegraphics"/>
  <key for="graphml" id="d8" yfiles.type="resources"/>
  <key attr.name="yed.palette.edge.name" attr.type="string" for="edge" id="d9"/>
  <key attr.name="Palette ToolTip" attr.type="string" for="edge" id="d10"/>
  <key attr.name="url" attr.type="string" for="edge" id="d11"/>
  <key attr.name="description" attr.type="string" for="edge" id="d12"/>
  <key for="edge" id="d13" yfiles.type="edgegraphics"/>
  <graph edgedefault="directed" id="G">
    <node id="n0">
      <data key="d3"><![CDATA[839b924e-77d5-4482-9b17-1a51514dc126]]></data>
      <data key="d4"><![CDATA[Desktop (left black)]]></data>
      <data key="d6"/>
      <data key="d7">
          <y:Geometry height="247.62655639648438" width="187.7295379638672" x="0.0" y="30.0"/>
          <y:Fill color="#CCCCFF" transparent="false"/>
          <y:BorderStyle color="#000000" type="line" width="1.0"/>
          <y:NodeLabel alignment="center" autoSizePolicy="content" fontFamily="Dialog" fontSize="12" fontStyle="plain" hasBackgroundColor="false" hasLineColor="false" hasText="false" height="4.0" horizontalTextPosition="center" iconTextGap="4" modelName="sandwich" modelPosition="s" textColor="#000000" verticalTextPosition="bottom" visible="true" width="4.0" x="91.8647689819336" y="251.62655639648438"/>
          <y:SVGNodeProperties usingVisualBounds="true"/>
          <y:SVGModel svgBoundsPolicy="0">
            <y:SVGContent refid="1"/>

by [yWorks] (160k points)
I use yEDd version 3.18.2 on windows 10. As I'm not admin of my computer it is installed on my profile  uner C:\Users\<login>\AppData\Roaming\yWorks\yEd

I just verified the files.. You were right! All my files are corrupted, I just downloaded one of them again and it works juste fine.

Many thanks for your quick answer, and sorry for this mistake which I should have checked by myself!
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