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Edge style to palette?

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Newb question:
My edges I like orthoginal and text in box with white background.

A link said I could right mouse the edge, and add it to the palette.


But that option is disabled on my right mouse menu
(on Mac yEd, freebie [awesome] version)

Do I need to pony up well earned Deutsche Marks for this to work?

Thanks for your help

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Hi Thomas--you were Spot on, I missed that step.  
One thing I found was that although the edge rendered as orthogonal, it was not an orthogonal edge, I had coerced it that way using the "Alt" key.  So when it was stored, it still thought it was curved.
1) I redid an edge using the orthogonal edge template
2) set my text box characteristics (border, background, position)
3) Added that edge to my new pallete by right mouse on edge in diagram, "Add to Palette">"
4) Right clicked the edge in the palette and selected "Use as Default"
5) Voila!  Exactly what I wanted.

Awesome program, thanks so much for the work and help.
I've been promoting the gospel of this program to compatriots.  It is well received indeed.

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Did you follow step 3 in the linked answer? You are using yEd and not yEd Live, right?

For completion's sake, I would like to stress that yEd is completely free of cost. There is no paid version with additional features.

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