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How can I edit a grph in Word, PowerPoint or Excel?

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I would like to edit my fnal grah in a ms office program. I tried to export but there is no office data format.

Best, Dimitri.


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Editing graphs in Word, Powerpoint, or Excel is not possible. None of these applications are graph editors.

yEd does support export to raster image formats like JPG and PNG, though. If you export an image of your diagram, you can import said image into your Word/Powerpoint/Excel document.
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Thank you for the realy useful answer.
Maybe there is a possibility to export my graph to a data like PDF, JPEG, PNG etc. and convert it online to a Office data, so I can slide the symbols and edit the text?
I need it because my coleagues favore the use of Office programs.
I am afraid, you are out of luck.

Exporting to JPG/PNG is similar to making a screenshot. If you open a Word document in Word and make a screenshot of the opened document, there is no way for you to edit the text in the screenshot with any Office application nor is it possible to convert the screenshot back into a Word document.

For PDF, the situation is very much the same - even though it is technically possible to edit the PDF document in dedicated PDF editor applications like Adobe Acrobat.

The one Office application that works even remotely similar to yEd is Visio. But the differences are still big enough that full-fledged Visio export is too much work to be feasible. Nor am I aware of any other tool that might be able to convert yEd's GraphML files into Visio files.

The best you can do is saving your diagrams as both GraphML and PNG. Share the PNG files with your co-workers. Whenever you need to change something, use yEd to edit the GraphML file, save, export to PNG once more, and share the updated PNG once again.
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This question is really useful for me
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