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Import hierarchical tree from excel file (more than two columns)

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I have some excel files with hierarchical nodes.

Column A represents the top, column B the second "layer", column C the third...
All rows represent Edges, so an edge is for example from A1 to B1 and from B1 to C1 ...

Now I tried to import that, but it doesn't work out.

The only way I found is to copy column B and C and paste it in column A and B (in the free rows) and then copy column C and D and paste it in column A and B (in the free rows)... Then I could import column A and B as an edge list.

Is there an easier way which doesn't destroy the excel list?
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1 Answer

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yEd's Excel Import indeed requires the spreadsheet data to be organized in a specific way. Please see Import of Excel Files in the yEd Manual for more information. However, two columns with each row defining an edge will work - this is essentially what the very first example in section Edge List is all about.

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