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Multiple CSS Classes in HTML elements

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I'm using HTML+CSS to create some tables in a org chart. For some items I color the text, for others I change the background. I do those by defining and using classes.

That is, in my <style> setion I declare

.field {
.offsite {
border:1px solid black;
and I'll apply those to <tr> elements like so:
<tr class="offsite"> or <tr class="field">
Those work as expected. However, say I want a <tr> to use both classes, that is:
<tr class="field offsite">
I get nothing. This works fine on tools like TrIt Editor, but yED doesn't seem to recognize that I want to use the properties from both classes.
Is this a bug or am I declaring my classes worng here?
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yEd leverages the HTML support provided by Java - see the technical documentation for javax.swing.text.html. Unfortunately, Java's HTML support is based on the very old HTML 3.2 Reference Specification and does not fully implement the current HTML and CSS specifications.

In short, the feature you are trying to use is not supported.

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