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How to change application opening file URLs?

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So I basically want that once I press F8 it opens the linked text file in vim(or any other program for that matter) instead of the Default browser, how is that possible?
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Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the behavior of the "Open URL" action in yEd.
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I see, is it possible to make it open in my default browser at least?It's using firefox even though that's not my default

Since you mentioned vim, I suppose you are running yEd on Linux.

In this case, yEd first tries to open the file using the Java Desktop API. If your system supports Java's browse action, that action is used. Which browser is launched depends on your system configuration (i.e. your desktop's associations) in this case. If Java's browse action is not supported, yEd tries the following commands (in the given order) to open the file:

  1. xdg-open
  2. gnome-open
  3. kde-open
  4. gnome-www-browser
  5. x-www-browser
  6. firefox
  7. google-chrome
  8. opera
  9. konqueror
  10. epiphany
  11. mozilla
  12. netscape
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