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Set background on a file level rather than system level?

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Some of our graphs use maps as backgrounds and we'd really like to see bitmap backgrounds a setting on a per file basis rather than as a setting of the system. I.e. opening a file opens a corresponding background.


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2 Answers

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I see this is an old request. Anyway, here is my situation. Currently I am working on both:

  • diagrams that will stay in yEd or go to Word and required white background.
  • diagrams that will go to Powerpoint, on a dark background template.

I am usually working with both cases in the same session, making it unfriendly to switch back and forth changing the global preferences.

In the end I export to GIF (neither PDF nor EMF yield transparent backgrounds, pity) and transparency works OK. But while editing I have to jump through hoops with my white labels on white background.

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That's a feature I would also like to see added.



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