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Unresponsive on Windows 10

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Using windows 10 64 bit..

yEd installed fine.  Looks very nice.

Unfortuately, it appears pretty unstable - it constantly becomes unresponsive, needing task manager to shut it down.

Any ideas, anyone, please?


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yEd does run stable on our Windows 10 machines, thus this is not a problem with Windows 10 in general.

Does yEd freeze more or less randomly or is there some pattern to it? E.g. you load a diagram with 10000 nodes and try to run orthogonal layout?

Moreover, which version of yEd did you install? What is the file name of the installer you used?
Did you install the version that bundled the Java 10 JRE? Or the Java 8 one? The Help\About box will tell you which Java version is being used. On a couple of updates I have tried the Java 10 version but found it unstable, so resorted to the java 8 version. For example, 3.18.2 with Java 10 froze when opening the first of my GraphML files that I tried. After installing the Java 8 version everything is fine again.

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I have experienced the same issue.
It happened when browsing the gui and clicking on Group Nodes in the right hand pane. reproducable.
No wait-time-out. Just frozen solid.
Only able to kill it using task manager.

re-installed it, exact same issue.

I'm using a HP probook 450 with Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
Can you provide a screen cast so we can see exactly what you are doing? I know it is a lot to ask for, but without knowing the exact actions taken, there is no way for us to investigate this problem.
Screen cast is not possible. It goes down exactly as I mentioned earlier. yED starts, I'm able to drag some icons to the main screen, lay down some connections. Right up to clicking on the "Group Node" section. BAM, frozen solid.
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I'm regularly experiencing a similar issue on Windows 10:

  • scenario:
    • working on a .gml - but probably not in connection as I always do (we need a textual, mergeable format). yEd works fine with the same .gml on Linux.
    • Win 10, Core i7 mobile; sometimes it's on the second screen (and not sure if it happened on the main) 
  • triggered by:
    • _sometimes_ by a click on:
      • palette group (happened with "Group Nodes" for sure once)
      • one of the group node in the document
      • other elements - can't remember which ones
    • frequency: 1-3 times/8 hours of work; very random
  • behavior experienced:
    • the app is completely unresponsive (to clicks, keypresses), but the basic window related controls (minimize, maximize, etc.) are working and the app can be minimized / maximized, the screen is redrawn properly
    • constant 30% CPU usage on a Core i7 mobile (a thread is stuck?) until I kill the app
    • can't close it in any normal way, only by killing it from task manager. Work is lost, cannot be saved in this state.

Screenshots do not make sense in this case, on the other hand, I'm happy to look into the logs (and run it in verbose logging mode) if you'd like me to. 


Thank you very much for the detailed information.

Since this problem occurs only on Windows, it could be related to the Windows look and feel. Would you mind testing if the problem does not occur if you use yEd's cross-platform look and feel? How to use the cross-platform look and feel is explained in Is it possible to switch to the cross-platform Java look-and-feel?

Poster here: I've just tried the above but no luck: I immediately tried clicking on the "Group Nodes" in "Palette" - and it froze. Well, it seems to me that it's in connection with these grouping elements so I'll try saving every time before clicking around those.
Trying out Yed with high hopes, and falling in the same dead end...
Too bad. The app looks nice and seems to respond to my (BPMN) needs, ... when it does respond.
Very interested to learn how to fix it (new version) or work around it.
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