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keyboard input freezes

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After some time of editing, it is no longer possible to use the keyboard within yEd. Only the mouse can be used. The keyboard works fine in other programs though. When I restart yEd it works again until keyboard input freezes again.

Program info says: yEd 3.9.2 Java Version: 1.6.0_30

System: Linux: Ubuntu Lucid
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How long does it take for that to happen? And does it happen always after that time span? Do any errors occur before the freeze? What does the program info say for "Java VM"? "Java Hotspot" or something else?
Yes, it says "Java VM: Java Hotspot(TM) Server VM, Sun Microsystems inc."
I downloaded the recent linux version from the website and installed it.
There are no other errors that happen before or after the freeze.
It seems to me that it happens after a number of operations. I switch between a few different programs when editing diagrams. Sometimes it is possible to use yEd for a long time, sometimes keyboard input freezes after a few minutes. I am not sure, if it has to do with certain operations, because I do similar operations all the time and it only just happens after some time. I create nodes, label them directly after creating, create child nodes and duplicate notes that I rename, restructure the connections between them often and try diffent layout options for best display. I use the keyboard for most operations. The diagramms are small, about 10 to 30 nodes. I have 3-4 open at the same time, but it seems to happen with only one open diagram too. It seems to me that sometimes it happens after creating a node, sometimes after editing a label, sometimes after changing layout and sometimes after switching programs.
The fact that the problem seems to be triggered by different operations, especially switching programs (which is a pure operating system thing), hints at a problem with either Java or Ubuntu or the combination of both. Therefore I don't think there is much that can be done in yEd. You could try to install a newer version of Java and manually run yEd on that version. (http://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/17 has instructions for manually running yEd.)
Thanks, I will try that. BTW: I appreciate yEd very much :) It works wonderful for developing concepts.
Glad you like yEd. It's nice to know people appreciate the effort we put into this application. :-)

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I'm seeing the same behavior. Ubuntu 12 with yEd
Same problem => same resolution: Use the most current Oracle Java (version 1.7.0_07 as of this writing).

BTW - yEd is really old. Current version is 3.9.2!
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