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Exclude Pools from selection or keep them in the background

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When working with BPMN pool (lanes or lanes and columns) I would like to keep it always in the background and block it, so it can not selected from the graph windows. When creating a flow chart with the pool, every time you click in any place of the pool, it become selected and it comes to the front hiding all other objects. After few times it becomes very annoying and  increase enormously the required time to create a flow chart.
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If a selected pool comes to the foreground thereby hiding other diagram elements, the nodes that become hidden have not been properly assigned to the pool. Try selecting the pool's nodes (but not the pool itself), then press and hold the SHIFT key while moving the nodes over the pool. (If the nodes already lie over/inside the pool, just move them around a bit with SHIFT down, but make sure they remain inside.) The next time you accidentally select the pool, its nodes will remain visible.

You can easily check whether or not a diagram node is assigned to a pool by selecting it and trying to move it outside the pool. If the node is assigned to the pool, the pool will automatically grow to encompass the node thereby making it impossible to move the node out of the pool.

A node can be detached from its pool by holding down the SHIFT key while moving the node out of the pool.

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Currently, this is not possible. Therefore, I moved this question to feature requests and adjusted it's title.
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