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Settings for left to right swimlane graph automatic-layout

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I came across yEd today and find it great.  I would like to draw some business processes using the swimlanes and am trying to get automatic-layout to work in the right way for my process map.

I have been trying various properties but I'm not getting the result that I'd like.  I'd like the map to have following:

  1. left to right layout following process
  2. keep the swimlane width constant
  3. arrows have to enter box from left; exit box from right

When I add some boxes into the process, I was hoping automatic-layout would push the boxes out to the right but the automatic-layout squishes the width layout.

Can you provide some guidance on how to set the preferences/properties to get the result I'm looking for?

Wished layout

Wished automatic layout

What I get using Orientation Left to Right and disable  Compact Swimlanes

What I get

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After setting up a swimlane diagram, use "Layout" -> "Swimlane" -> "Hierarchic" to arrange your diagram. In the corresponding layout settings, on tab "General" set property "Orientation" to value "Left to Right" and on tab "Swimlanes" uncheck property "Compact Swimlanes".

It is not possible to "keep the swimlane width constant", but with "Compact Swimlanes" disabled the algorithm will only enlarge swimlanes if necessary (but not shrink swimlanes).
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Thank you Thomas.

That helps.  

Is there a way to force arrows to come into a node from the left and out of a node from the right? (3. above)

I've added screenshots of what I was trying to achieve and what I get when in the original question.  I couldn't figure out how to add it to a comment in line.
One more question about the swimlane hierarchic layout & edges if you don't mind.  I asked in in (3) above and again in the comment just above.

Thank you again, Thomas.
Sorry for the late reply.

Try activating option "Backloop Routing" on tab "Edges" in the Hierarchic Swimlane Layout settings.
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