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Different colour for all the offered geometrical nodes?

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The geometrical nodes offered in a beige-brown colour. I don't like this colour. How can I all these nodes in a constantl different colour whenever adding a new form to my graphs?
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1 Answer

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  1. Create a user-defined palette section. Please see the Palette Manager section in the yEd manual for related documentation.
  2. Right-click into the "Shape Nodes" palette section to open the palette context menu and choose "Convert to Document". This will open a new editor tab with all the shape nodes.
  3. In the new editor tab, select all nodes and assign those nodes the desired color.
  4. Right-click into the new user-defined palette section to open the palette context menu and choose "Adopt from Document". This will import the re-colored shape nodes into the new palette section.
  5. Double-click onto the desired default shape in the new user-defined palette section. (If successful, the background of the corresponding shape template will turn dark blue.)
  6. Optionally, open the palette manager once again and remove the orginal "Shape Nodes" palette section from the "Displayed Palette Sections" list.
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