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Node under or above edge (layering arrow)

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Please add a way to place the image (node) above or below the connecting line. Or way to use picture as a edge label.
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Both of these are already supported.

The first feature is  governed by "File" -> "Preferences", tab "Display", option "Paint Nodes over Edges".
In the case of diagrams with group nodes, the grouping hierarchy might prevent the strict adherence to the chosen rendering order policy, though. I.e. if "Paint Nodes over Edges" is enabled and a top-level node is connected to a node belonging to a group node, then the group node will be rendered below the edge.
No matter which policy you choose, edge are clipped on the border of their source and target node, though. I.e. there is currently no way to have edge endpoints rendered above the corresponding source or target node.

The second feature is available through a label's "Icon Properties" property. I.e. select a node or an edge with a label, then go to the properties view in yEd's lower right corner and click into the value field of property "Icon Properties" in section "Label" to open a dialog which offers a means for importing an image to be displayed in the label. If you directly select a label, "Icon Properties" is available in the "General" section in the properties view.
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What if I need to place an image over the line locally? Not on the whole scheme. How then to be?
Use an edge label with an icon. Labels are always rendered above their owner edge/node.
I need to make two different pics in two ends of line/edge

So use two edge labels, one at the source end and one at the target end of the edge.

Nodes and edges can have an arbitrary number of labels. See the "Creating edge labels" paragraph in section Edit Mode of the yEd Manual.

Is there any reason that edges cannot support the existing draw order control (via raise/lower selection)? That would allow the layering to be controlled on a per-entity basis.
Yes, there is. Due to support for group nodes, the edge rendering order has to be coupled to the node rendering order. Thus if you want to change the rendering order of an edge, change the rendering order of its nodes. At least for simple cases, that will work.
How to render node labels over edges through the API
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So this is similar to the issue I have faced for a while in yEd. I create network diagrams with images of the equipment used. When you connect the ports the line only shows to the edge of the image.

I just found a way to get around this with a little trial and error. For this, I used paint.net, in the image use the magic wand to select a section or create a square inside the image then press Delete on your keyboard. This will make the selection area transparent. Save the image as a PNG as JPEG doesn't support transparent sections.

In yEd now drag and drop your new image. Join this with a line to another item, click the line to show the end of the line in the centre of the image. Move this into the transparent section and drop. You will now have a line shown over the image to the new transaction section.

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