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Go to object by internal Id

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Hello yEd!


Since your graphml format is easily parsable with XML this opens up your application to be used in a lot of great ways, and something that would help people like me who link your application with a different or custom framework would be support for navigating to a node or edge by its n123 or e123 id as these are the Id numbers that I present in error messages after parsing the graph.

For example trying to find an empty arrow somewhere in a large graph is very difficult.


Something that would be even more amazing would be the ability to trigger a launch with parameter to go to a specific node or edge id in the graph view in the yEd editor.


If there already is something like this maybe undocumented maybe for launch parameters please do let me know otherwise I'll just leave this here.


All the best,
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1 Answer

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The IDs you are mentioning are an implementation detail of the GraphML format and are no longer available once the graph has been read from GraphML.

If you want to or need to identify elements by ID in the yEd application, you need to define a custom property for this purpose. Doing so has the additional benefit that yEd's structure view, "Edit" -> "Find", and "Tools" -> "Select Elements" all support custom properties for quick navigation (and selection).
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