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Properties Mapper - "Map to label No." limited to value 1-10?

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I have nodes with more than 10 labels that I want to map custom data to. However, I can't select a higher value than 10 in the box "Map To Label No.". If I export the mapper configuration and edit the file manually and then import it again the custom properties is mapped to labels above 10. It seems the value gets "locked" in the editor when I do this, i.e if I try to edit a property that is mapped to a label above 10 the Label No box says for example "12" and it can't be changed. I guess I can edit the mapper config but it would be nice to be able to edit this directly. Is there a reason for this limitation? Since it works when editing manually I guess the file format supports it?

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Well, yes, sort of. When mapping properties to labels, labels up to the chosen number are created if they do not already exist. E.g. if the mapping is applied to a node with one label but the mapping's label number is ten, then nine new labels are created for that node. Eight of those will be empty (and thus invisible). Especially empty edge labels are bad, because they have a rather strong, bad impact on the result of layout algorithms (at least for those algorithms that handle edge labels). And since empty labels are notoriously hard to notice and get rid of, it was decided to limit the number of labels.

The file format does not impose the same restriction, because only very few people will attempt to edit property mapper configuration files manually and if you do so, then you definitely do not accidentally create too many labels. (Or rather if you create many empty labels, you do so on purpose.)
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Thanks for a very informative answer!
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