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"Drag" tool? Double-click object to add/edit label?

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Yed is swell! I have two feature requests:

• Navigation Mode—where you can move the diagram view in directions away from mouse movements— is useful, but somewhat unorthodox.

Will you consider adding a standard Drag tool (icon: open hand) so we can move the diagram by clicking and dragging anywhere on it? This tool is found in virtually all other graphics programs; most users would find it quite intuitive.

I can't speak for everyone, but personally, I'd much prefer to be able to move the view at any speed, rather than being limited to Navigation Mode's single speed. It also requires an extra mental step to process the opposite movement from what you actually want. (People think in different ways; some users, such as physically disabled people, may find this particularly challenging.) I also find NM's movement speed somewhat slow, and think that being able to move the view more freely and naturally—like you'd move a paper diagram on a desk—would make Yed easier and more fun to use.

• Double-clicking an object currently has no effect. (It's just selected, as though you'd single-clicked it.) This seems like wasted functionality.

How about letting us double-click an object to create or edit its label? It's simpler and faster than the current menthods (selecting the object, then pressing F2; or right-clicking it, then clicking one of the Label context-menu commands). Of course those methods would still be available to people who preferred them.

Cheers, A.

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Regarding the first suggestion:

Even in navigation Mode, yEd supports panning. I.e. if you press and hold the right mouse button, the view port will follow the mouse. By default, this works the same way in edit mode and navigation mode. However, if you prefer to use the left mouse button for panning in navigation mode, you can switch the scroll/pan behavior for navigation mode in "File" -> "Preferences", tab "General", option "Navigation Mode Behavior".

Regarding the second suggestion:

Double-click does have an effect. Double-clicking a label (i.e. some text) starts text editing. Double-clicking a group node triggers the "view group content" action.
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Hi Thomas,

(1.) Well, do whatever you wish. As a long-time tech writer and GUI designer, though, I can tell you that, statistically, when users must "dig around" (consult documentation or fuss with settings) for basic functionality, such as moving the diagram in a diagramming program, they're much more likely to keep looking for an equivalent program that's more intuitively designed.

A standard Pan tool (button graphic examples here: https://www.google.ca/search?q=drag+icon&source=lnms&tbm=isch) is something any user would recognize at first sight. It wouldn't interfere with your existing functionality; it'd just be a way to effectively tell a new user, "Want to pan your diagram? Yes, there's a way to do it—hunt around and you'll find it!"

All programs have keyboard shortcuts (in this case, holding the R mouse button), and committed users who like to work that way take the trouble to learn them. That's how it's always been. But you're not doing anyone a favor by assuming _everyone_ is such a user. You're just screening out people without the time, patience and/or attention skills to learn non-intuitive actions.

(2.) Yes, you're right: Double-clicking an existing label makes it editable. If anything, though, that _strengthens_ the argument for the 2nd click to create a label on an object that doesn't have one, too. In other words: Double-click = label mode, and the user needs remember only one action instead of two. Believe me, simpler is better. And again, I'm not suggesting you replace any existing functionality; this is just adding _extra_, intuitive functionality for those who prefer to work that way. What could possibly be wrong with that (other than possibly not having to be so rigid, LOL)?
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